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Adam Richardson is our Motion Design Editor, a graduate of Paul Mitchell The School – Rhode Island and a licensed hairdresser with 10 years of experience behind the chair. When he’s not capturing footage at collection shoots or editing videos, Adam still finds time to cater to his favorite salon guests. Here’s the scoop from Adam on his go-to products and easy hair care tips for gents.

How did you start your career with Paul Mitchell?

I was asked to model for a local Paul Mitchell hair show when I was living in Connecticut. I had so much fun participating in the show that I decided to attend cosmetology school and make a career out of hairdressing. Now, working in the corporate office, I still enjoy the amazing company culture I experienced when I was a stylist. It’s great to be a part of the Paul Mitchell family.

Do you have a signature look?

I’ve had plenty of hairstyles—from buzzed hair to long styles—but right now my style is a modern take on the classic side part.

What is your daily styling routine?

To achieve the classic side part, I comb my hair in the direction I want it to go, let it air dry and then use a thumbnail size amount of Dry Wax to style it. I apply the product starting at the back of my head and work it forward. To finish, I’ll run a comb through my hair and play with it until I have my desired look.

What is your go-to product in the salon?

I love using Super Sculpt on my guests. It’s the perfect blow-dry lotion because it gives a flexible hold and adds incredible shine. It is one of the Paul Mitchell products that’s been around forever because it works so well!

Staff Picks - Adam Richardson

What’s one product you would recommend for any guy?

Double Hitter®! From what I have learned, most men rarely condition their hair and this product washes and conditions in one step! For a styling product, I recommend Clean Cut® because it’s reworkable and creates a natural finish.

Any other expert tips for the gentlemen?

Always start by applying product at the back of your head and then work it forward. Starting in the back ensures that the product is applied evenly and you don’t have too much product in the front of your hair. A little bit of attention will be noticed and appreciated!


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