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 National Bullying Prevention Month

National Bullying Prevention Month

Posted by Team John Paul Mitchell Systems on Oct 3rd 2017

October is National Bullying Prevention Month and it’s time to stand up to bullying with stand-out style! Join us in spreading awareness on social media and creating Bully-Free Zones in the community with our #StickItToBullying campaign.

Download an Emoji Kindness Sticky Note, write a kind message, add some stickers and pass it on to make someone’s day. Or tell us your story about what you're doing to create a kinder world. You could be featured on our blog, just like #NeonChick Britain Bennett!

Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Limited Edition Emoji Collection

When you take the conversation offline, express yourself with the new Paul Mitchell® Pro Tools™ Limited Edition Emoji Collection!

Express Ion Smooth®+ and Emoji Express Ion Dry®+ help you polish strand with a positively cool pattern. Our #StickItToBullying Kit includes a trio of sweet products and FREE Emoji Stickers and Neon Coin Purse! Watch how to use the Emoji Stickers for a head-turning style.

Let's end bullying with one act of kindness at a time! For more information on how you can help keep bullying at bay, click here. To get your hands on the limited-edition collection, click here.

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