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2 Insider Tricks for Using Your Smoothing Iron

2 Insider Tricks for Using Your Smoothing Iron

Posted by Marci Miguel on Aug 13th 2014

As the brand manager for Paul Mitchell Pro Tools™ and Neuro®, I work closely with our educators and artists to develop our styling tools and ensure they are professional stylist-approved. A huge perk of working with our team of pro stylists are the unique tricks I pick up from them while they put our tools to the test! They are naturally inventive, and for this style-obsessed girl, I make sure to note all of the tricks they use to create perfectly polished styles.

For instance, we recently updated our best-selling smoothing iron and had our team of pros test the iron during development. I snagged these tips for creating versatile looks using the new tool and have since taken my styling game to a whole new level. Next time you’re using your smoothing iron, try these simple tricks for beautiful waves and smooth details.

For simple waves:

Take 1" sections of hair and turn the iron 180° towards you and then 180° away from you as your slide the iron down the length of the hair with tension. You’ll get understated waves that last!

For smooth, face-framing details:

As you smooth the hair that frames your face, pull your smoothing iron in front of your face. Create a small bend at the ends by curling the iron towards or away from your face, depending on how you want your hair to flip. Pulling towards your face will curl your hair under and pulling away from your face will curl your hair up and out.

Ask your stylist for a hands-on tutorial of how to perfect these style tricks with the Express Ion Smooth®+. Enjoy!

Marci Miguel is the Brand Manager for Paul Mitchell Pro Tools, Neuro and MITCH®. On any given day, you'll find her working closely with our team of professionals to develop cutting-edge tools, brushes and men's styling products. She is also known around the office for having an amazing shoe collection.  

Marci Miguel

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