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3 Fall Color Transformations

3 Fall Color Transformations

Posted by Andrea Espinoza on Oct 2nd 2014

Looking for inspiration to transition your hair color from a summery hue to a sultry fall shade? Check out these stunning transformations and share your fave with your stylist during your next color appointment.  

Bold, Bright Red

Sep 14Color Shift -Post1
Going red is a bold move! It is important to first and foremost consider your skin tone. Are you fair? Olive? Bright, fiery reds perfectly complement the natural warmth of fair to light-medium complexions by highlighting the "peaches and cream" undertones. In the transition above, our artists used three different shades of red to create dimension and add shimmer like a flickering flame. Now, that’s a gorgeous redhead!

The Cure for the Common Blonde

Sep 14Color Shift -Post2
If you are a natural blonde, you know that there are many ways to play with your hue╌allover highlights, lowlights or even a subtle ombre fade. The transformation above was achieved by perfectly placing lowlights and highlights to provide contrast and emphasize shine.

Not Your Average Brunette

Sep 14Color Shift -Post3
Solid brown can be dull, but milk chocolate swirled together with bittersweet and extra-dark is an irresistible combination, especially on those with slight olive skin tones. The trick to achieving a sultry brunette hue like the one pictured above is to use different shades of light and dark brown.

See your stylist to determine the right color for your skin tone and show us your transformation with #ColorShift on social media.

Oh, and be sure to ask your stylist about our new Ultimate Color Repair quinoa color-locking system, which will help protect your color shift investment and keep hair color vibrant and shiny!  

Andrea Espinoza is the Brand Manager for Paul Mitchell Professional Hair Color and Texture. She works closely with our artists and educators to create gorgeous color collections for our professionals and is our resident color-trend expert.    

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