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3 New Ways to Curl Your Hair

3 New Ways to Curl Your Hair

Posted by Paul Mitchell Team on Nov 26th 2015

If you’ve been curling your hair with the same curling iron or rod for the past  Express Ion Unclipped 3-in-1 may be just what you need. This iron features three interchangeable ceramic barrels that create new curl patterns and shapes, so you can elevate your go-to curls into something festive this holiday season. Here’s the skinny on the three iron shapes:


JPMS_Reverse _Cone

The .75" to 1.25" reverse cone creates soft, enviable curls╌a great base for nearly any holiday style


JPMS_Bubble _Rod

The 1" bubble rod makes perfectly tousled waves for a holiday-appropriate beach waves look.

1.25" ROD

Rod _1.25_inch

The 1.25" rod creates full-bodied volume, perfect for achieving vintage-inspired looks. Think Veronica-Lake, brushed out waves!

This pearlescent, multi-tasking iron is your ticket to festive holiday styles and makes a great present for the beauty lovers on your holiday shopping list. Grab one to give as a gift or keep for yourself while they’re available this holiday season it at a Paul Mitchell School or salon near you.

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