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3 Perfectly Polished Hairstyles that Aren’t Fussy

3 Perfectly Polished Hairstyles that Aren’t Fussy

Jun 12th 2016

This season, hair trends are veering towards the polished and pretty, rather than the lived-in and loved styles we knew in 2015. But that doesn’t mean they have to be fussy (and isn’t there something nice about properly coiffing your hair? We think so). Here are a handful of looks we’re trying on this season.  


We never thought we’d see the day when pigtails made a chic comeback, but, alas, that day is here. And honestly, it looks good. To give this style an elevated look, place the ponytail low and close together, and consider adding subtle details like twists or using a smoothing iron to keep hair sleek and chic.

Paul -mitchell -Polished -Hairstyles -low -pigtails -model -blog -post -4000x 2666


We’ve always been a fan of a knot╌low, high, messy, clean╌and this twisted edition certainly has our attention. When the days are hot and humid, we’ll be using an elastic band and a few bobby pins to throw our hair into a twisted knot that is equal parts practical and pretty. Bye, boring ponytail!

Paul -mitchell -Polished -Hairstyles -low -twisted -bun -model -blog -post -3000x 1997


This look is classic. A simple ponytail can be easily elevated when you carefully curl the length of your hair to create volume and texture. Perfect for date night, a big board meeting or Sunday brunch, this versatile look will certainly be a winner this summer.


See, polished doesn’t have to be fussy or time-consuming! Show us your polished hairstyles on Instagram with #IHeartPM.