3 Reasons to Get Dirty for a Good Cause

We’re gearing up for the final stretch of the Dirty Girl® Mud Run season and looking forward to spending a day alongside our best girlfriends, getting seriously muddy and challenging our able bodies! If running, jumping and climbing through a muddy obstacle course doesn’t immediately pique your interest, here are three reasons why you should join Team Paul Mitchell at one of the final Mud Runs of the season:

  1. Challenge yourself. Whether you are an avid fitness buff or an occasional mover and shaker, this event will lift your spirits and prove just how much you are capable of. With new and old friends alongside, you’ll giggle as you overcome physical challenges, and gather a bunch of Instagram photo opps along the way!
  2. Support an incredible cause. Dirty Girl Mud Runs are not only super fun, they also support a cause that is near and dear to Paul Mitchell®; all proceeds from the event benefit Bright Pink®, an organization devoted to the prevention and early detection of breast and ovarian cancer in young women. Last year, we partnered with Bright Pink and launched our 1st annual #PinkOutLoud campaign to help spread a message of proactive health to all of the women we know and love. Anything we can do to support their life-saving messageâ•Œi.e. running through a mud pit with our girlfriendsâ•Œis worth it for us! #GivingIsMyStyle  
  3. There will be mud. And lots of it. We love getting dressed up and having an excuse to coif our hair, but the opportunity to run, climb and jump our way through a mud pit is one that we don’t want to miss either.

Are you ready to get dirty for a good cause? Catch one of the last Dirty Girl events of the season and be on the lookout for more information about this year’s Pink Out Loud! campaign coming soon. We can’t wait to see you out in the mud!

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