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3 Simple Tips for Artful Holiday Styles

3 Simple Tips for Artful Holiday Styles

Posted by Taylor deDiego on Dec 4th 2014

We’re always on the hunt for new and innovative hairstyles and techniques, but sometimes it’s the most basic tips that take an average style to glamorous new levels. When you’re prepping and primping for parties and festive functions this season, consider these three tricks from our team of artists:

Brush out your curls


Adding curls to your hair is a perfect look for nearly any holiday function, but why not try something new with this classic style? After setting your curls, use a brush to perfect your style. If you use a smaller curling iron and brush out your curls, you’ll get extra volume and texture. With a large-barrel curling iron, your brushed out curls will be smooth and wavy.  

Braid your hair before teasing for extra texture

If you need to create volume in your hair to achieve your style, consider braiding your hair before you tease it. Doing so will give your hair a bit of texture that makes teasing easier and enviable volume possible!

Add twists for a trendy, urban look

To give your hair a tight, wavy texture, create twists in your hair and then set the twists with the heat of your smoothing iron. This technique will give you a trendy, urban texture╌a perfect twist on classic holiday styles.

Happy holidays and happy styling!  

Taylor deDiego is Paul Mitchell's Web Content Writer and resident style hunter. She spends her days writing copy, keeping tabs on our social channels and testing new DIY hairstyles in our in-house salon.  

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