4 Holiday Hairstyles featuring Straight Pin Studios LA

Have you noticed that, sometimes, the most simple accessory can make the biggest impact on your overall look? We recently learned this lesson is true not only for sartorial style, but also for our coifs. Paul Mitchell Editorial Director and Creator of Straight Pin Studios LA Lucie Doughty recently helped us create four festive hairstyles for the holiday season, all of which spotlight the unassuming bobby pin! She created four looks that range from party-perfect to date night-ready. Let these beautiful styles inspire your look for this season’s hottest fetes!




This style is a true stunner. Upon seeing the final look, our gorgeous model Melissa exclaimed: "Oh my gosh, my hair looks amazing!" To get this look, Lucie prepped her hair with Hot Off The Press® and then curled 1" sections of hair with the Express Ion Curl. She brushed out Melissa’s curls with a fine tooth comb and dressed the curls with Extra-Body Finishing Spray®, and then went to work with her matte bobby pins. To get this look at home, ask a friend for help and get creative! Lucie’s pro tip: Use a fine tooth comb to move strands of hair once you’ve place your bobby pin. It’s a lot easier and more precise than your fingers!




If your calendar is packed with seasonal celebrations of all kinds, this style is one to keep in your back pocket. Lucie gave Tatiana an angled, deep side part and accessorized each side of the part with gold bobby pins from her Straight Pin Studios LA kit. For a final touch she secured the look with a spray of Extra-Body Finishing Spray.




Your most highly anticipated holiday celebration might simply be date night with your sweetie and if that’s the case, this style is sure to impress. Equal parts laidback and chic, Lucie created this style curling Stephanie’s hair with the Express Ion Curl to give it some texture and then gently raking her hair back into a low chignon with her fingers. Finally, she adorned the chignon with a handful of gorgeous, gold pins placed lightly on the side. Lucie’s pro tip: If your hair is slippery, use Dry Wash® to give your hair texture and volume.




If you and your co-workers are packing in one last holiday happy hour before heading home for the holidays, give this sweet style a try. Lucie coiffed Shanti’s beautiful locks into a voluminous high bun and then adorned her hairline with a medley of gold and silver bobby pins from her Straight Pin LA kit. With a final spritz of Extra-Body Finishing Spray, this style is set and you’re ready for cocktail hour!  

Whether you crave a luxurious look or something more laidback, don’t overlook the power of the unassuming bobby pinâ•Œthey’re exactly what you need to create an artistic hairstyle! Pick up a Straight Pin Studios LA kit here.

Taylor deDiego is Paul Mitchell's Web Content Writer and resident style hunter. She spends her days writing copy, keeping tabs on our social channels and testing new DIY hairstyles in our in-house salon.

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