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5 Days of Style with Invisiblewear

5 Days of Style with Invisiblewear

Posted by Team John Paul Mitchell Systems® on Sep 6th 2017

Wash, style and style some more with the versatility of Invisiblewear™, which brings effortless beauty to your daily routine.

Wispy Top Knot Hairstyle Using Paul Mitchell Invisiblewear


Confession: we’re addicted to top knots. This undone version is perfect on second-day hair and takes about 5 minutes (or less) to create .

- Put your hair into a ponytail. We prefer it pretty high, but the finished bun also looks great placed in the middle or lower. Take one-inch sections of the loose ends of the ponytail and spritz  Invisiblewear™ Boomerang Restyling Mist™ to detangle and revive hair.

- Spray with  Invisiblewear™ Pump Me Up™ to create instant volume and refresh strands

- Grab the ends of your tousled tresses and wrap around itself to form a bun. Secure with a few bobby pins, spritz with  Invisiblewear™ Orbit™ Hairspray to tame extra flyaways and go!

Wispy Braid Hairstyle Using Paul Mitchell Invisiblewear


Hide oily roots, bed-head and more with braids.

- Begin with a little refresh using  Invisiblewear™ Dry Shampoo in Brunette or Blonde.

- Then start weaving! Whether you go with a larger braid or a couple of smaller ones to frame your face, braids transform bad hair to boho beautiful!

Change Up Your Part for a More Voluminous Hairstyle Using Paul Mitchell Invisiblewear


If you normally part your hair on one side, flip sides and you may find it has more volume or a better shape to work with.

- Refresh hair with  Invisiblewear™ Dry Shampoo in Blonde or Brunette.

- Add  Invisiblewear™ Boomerang Restyling Mist™, then flip your part to wake up lifeless hair.

Voluminous Hairstyle Using Paul Mitchell Invisiblewear


A little lift can make a big difference:

- Still got your beautiful blowout? Run  Invisiblewear™ Volume Whip™ through hair to whip up airy volume.

- Add  Invisiblewear™ Memory Shaper™ to enhance your undone definition with soft hold.

- Tame any flyaways and set your style with natural hold with  Invisiblewear™ Orbit™ Hairspray.

A messy Low Bun Hairstyle Using Paul Mitchell Invisiblewear


A messy up-do keeps second-day hair (and beyond!) looking up-to-date:

- Add natural volume with  Invisiblewear™ Undone Texture Hairspray.

- Twist sides of hair back, rolling away from your face. Be sure to leave the ends of the middle section down. For a more lived-in look, leave out a few pieces around your face, ears and neck.

- Grab the ends that are still hanging down in the back and roll them up to cover the middle section. Secure with pins, placing them inside the roll to keep them hidden, and finish with  Invisiblewear™ Orbit Hairspray.

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