7 Tips on How to Thicken Hair

Even though beehives and bump-its are things of the past, voluminous hair will trend forever. Creating volumized looks that last all day can seem tedious, but it is achievable for any hair type. Avoid letting your style fall flat with these 7 tips!

#1 Use a Hair Thickening Shampoo + Conditioner

Start off strong with a clean base. Get rid of impurities and excess oil that can weigh down your hair. The Lemon Sage Thickening Shampoo not only delivers a zesty aroma, but also includes thickening agents that add volume! Follow with the Lemon Sage Thickening Conditioner to add shine and a boost.

#2 Tease Hair

We’re not talking about a ruthless joke, rather a technique called “back combing” which adds instant drama to your look. Hold 1-2 inch sections of hair away from your scalp and gently make small strokes underneath the section with a Teasing Brush close to the root. Smooth the top layer so it lays straight back and finish your style.

#3 Choose the Best Hair Dryer Setting

While ion hair dryers are fantastic for reducing frizz and smoothing hair by quickly sealing the cuticle, it may lessen volume. Worry no longer, as the Neuro Halo Tourmaline Touch-Screen Hair Dryer features an on/off ion toggle. Switch off the ion setting to ensure a voluptuous blow dry! Pro tip: apply the Clean Beauty Volumizing Liquid through damp hair for an extra boost.

#4 Apply Dry Shampoo to Second Day Hair

Who has the time for a daily hair wash and style? Avoid piece-y hair caused by natural oil production and leftover products from the previous day! Spritz your roots with the Dry Wash Dry Shampoo to bring your style back to life.

#5 Wave Hello to Instant Body

Stop traffic with the mermaid hair of your dreams! The Express Ion WavePress Ceramic Deep Waver creates beautifully rippled tresses and adds dimension to any style. After completing your waves, shake out your hair and lock in the look with the Extra-Body Boost Volumizing Spray for that extra “oomph.”

#6 Use Heat Protectant Spray to Avoid Damage

Split ends are the enemy of a thick mane. To no one’s surprise, heat damage is a top offender of damaging hair. Prevent breakage by using a trusted heat protectant like the Neuro Protect HeatCTRL Iron Thermal Protection Hair Spray before using any hot tools.

#7 Find Your Go-To Hair Product

Whether hair is naturally fine or starting to thin, men often have the question about how to make their hair appear thicker. While there are many ways to do this, the most important method would have to be using products designed for that job. If you should only take one lesson away, this is it: choose a favorite thickening product for your everyday looks.

Developing an efficient and reliable hair routine takes the pressure out of picking a hair style on your more indecisive days. If you’re looking for a high-performance product, look no further than the MITCH® Calibrate Thickening Cream. This lightweight styler adds volume and fullness for long-lasting looks.

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