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90s Hair Trends We're Revisiting

90s Hair Trends We're Revisiting

Posted by Taylor deDiego on Jan 29th 2016

As we all know, trends of all kinds come and go in cycles╌ lived-in hairstyles have made a successful comeback; voluminous blow-outs have been in and out, and then in again; and sleek, smooth styles are definitely experiencing a second wind since the 90s. So it won’t come as a surprise that some of the hair trends you previously denounced (after wearing proudly for years) have come full circle and are currently enjoying the spotlight again. Here are a few hairstyle trends that are on their way back in:


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Image via  Erik Pendzich/REX Shutterstock

The debated scrunchie is no longer a taboo hair accessory. As displayed by Selena Gomez, the once-loved-then-hate scrunchie can add a playful flair to a polished hairstyle. And let’s not forget that scrunchies are far easier on your hair than your everyday elastic.


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Image via  Beretta/Sims/REX Shutterstock

Beach waves and basic ponytails have been elevated to a new level of brilliant with the comeback of the accent braid. This simple style accent  once achieved at slumber parties or styled before junior high dances, now has a carefree, bohemian vibe we could easily incorporate into our styling game.  


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As stated by Paul Mitchell® Regional Color Coordinator Amanda Goodsell, hair tapestries are a fond memory of beach vacations with the family. But now, the small strand that was previously turned into hair art is expanded to an entire panel with embroidery hoops and needles. We can definitely see ourselves giving hair tapestries a try during festival season.  


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Image via WWD/REX Shutterstock

This is a trend that may not have ever truly left the spotlight, but we’re certainly excited to see this plait have a red carpet moment. Seal of approval = delivered!

Which of these comeback trends would you try? Tell us in the comments below or show us by posting a picture on Instagram with #IHeartPM.

Taylor deDiego is Paul Mitchell's Web Content Writer and resident style hunter. She spends her days writing copy, keeping tabs on our social channels and testing new DIY hairstyles in our in-house salon.

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