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A Hair Look for the Classic Bride

A Hair Look for the Classic Bride

Posted by Team John Paul Mitchell Systems on Mar 10th 2016

Paul Mitchell® hairstylist Bridgette McLeod is something of an expert when it comes to helping brides get ready for their big day. With her natural eye for aesthetics and near perfect technique, it’s no wonder she has built an ever-growing bridal clientele. We asked her to share her four favorite bridal looks for spring/summer 2016 brides and, today, she is sharing the first look.

According to Bridgette, she created this look with the classic bride in mind╌one that would want to wear a veil during the ceremony and then replace with a hair ornament for the reception. Follow these steps for a classic look:  

Step By Step -Bridal Look 1

One word to describe this look according to Bridgette? Breathtaking.

Stay tuned for another bridal look coming soon. 

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