A PM Insider Review: Must-Have Products for Blondies

Paul Mitchell® Insider Carly Mask is a world-traveler, photographer, social media guru and philanthropist with a heart for giving back. She is passionate about fashion with a purpose, trends and creating content. You can often find her roaming the streets of San Francisco, at the Tiltquarters or gallivanting in wine country with her husband Allen. We asked this beautiful blonde to give our signature Blonde products a try and let us know how they worked for her lightened hair. Blondies, take notes!  

Hi, Paul Mitchell community! I’m thrilled and humbled to have a chance to introduce myself and review some of my new Paul Mitchell products. I was recently introduced to the Paul Mitchell Blonde products and fell in love. Fellow blondes, I think you’ll love these products too.

Carly Mask _paul Mitchell _2

Platinum Blonde Shampoo™

If you’re a blonde and want to channel your inner bombshell, then you have to give this a try! This shampoo is beautiful, smells yummy and leaves your hair feeling uber smooth. The deep purple pigment helps neutralize against those unwanted brassy, yellow tones and will leave you feeling brighter and lighter. Love it and super fun to use!

Forever Blonde® Dramatic Repair®

If your hair feels like straw, this might be the golden key to repairing those gorgeous locks! Forever Blonde Dramatic Repair smoothes, strengthens, and replenishes your hair, putting life back into it! Love it and love the scent, too!

Forever Blonde® Shampoo

If you’ve been looking for the perfect blonde shampoo, look no further! This is one of the first shampoos that I’ve used that feels more like conditioner (in the sense that it’s super smooth and easy to comb your fingers through before you even get to part two). This left my hair looking lighter and more sparkly than blonde shampoos I’ve used in the past. Highly recommend!

Forever Blonde® Conditioner

This conditioner will bring your hair from hay to heyyyy. My hair no longer feels like straw after I wash it, as this conditioner locks in the perfect amount of moisture and shine! It goes perfectly with Forever Blonde Shampoo. And, the smell is a-maz-ing.

Carly Mask _paul Mitchell _6

Carly’s Tip: Use a wide tooth comb  to brush through your hair in the shower while it’s wet for an extra smooth finish.

Verdict:  These products are a must-have for blondes of all hues!

Thanks for sharing your review, Carly!

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