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A PM Insider Review: Treating Your Color-Treated Locks

A PM Insider Review: Treating Your Color-Treated Locks

Posted by Angela Hauk on Jun 14th 2016

We love to hear which products our PM Insiders can't get enough of. Tammy Humphrey of Sassy Auburn is taking the time this month to talk about Ultimate Color Repair®, a fave for redheads!

Since the day I was born, I have been a redhead, thanks to my grandmother. My father would joke, that my red hair was actually "rust from the pipes." My mom hated that. It still makes me laugh.

When I got older, my hair became a bit more brown with an auburn undertone. Instead of embracing my redheaded roots when I got into my 20’s, I decided to rebel and go totally blonde. I rode that wave for about eight years until the battle of the blonde upkeep wore me down. After realizing I had over-processed my hair, I decided to honor my Grandma Clara and bring back the red! I still believe it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

Going back to being a redhead took time. I had to get my hair healthy again. I had to find the shade that worked best for me and learn how to take care of it, the right way. At first, I used boxed dyes and cheap hair products hoping to achieve a stunning, Debra Messing red hue. What I got instead was a mediocre, often frazzled, consistently uneven red tone. I knew I could do better.

A good friend of mine contacted someone who was a fabulous hair stylist. She used only top of the line products and dyes, focusing mainly on Paul Mitchell. He arranged for me to spend a day with her so she could give me a consultation, discuss the options and select a red that was right for me. I came out with a burgundy-hued auburn that looked fantastic! In addition, she showed me the right products to use to create different styles. This included Paul Mitchell’s Hot Off The Press®, Fast Drying Sculpting Spray® and Super Skinny Serum®. My hair was on its way to becoming soft, shiny, manageable and bright!

After my auburn tresses began to be revived, I found out that Paul Mitchell had come out with a set of new products specifically for color-treated hair╌called Ultimate Color Repair®. Not only was I already using styling products from Paul Mitchell that were working great, but now I could add this care and repair set to keep my color-treated locks clean, conditioned and toned.

The Ultimate Color Repair line is very unique because of its Quinoa Color-Locking System. Quinoa is considered a "superfood." Not only is it great for the hair on the inside, but its benefits translate to the outside as well. It’s packed with protein, amino acids and Vitamin E, which creates a "shield" around the hair╌from shaft to end╌locking in color, protecting it from the elements and repairing damage. The sulphate-free shampoo gently cleans while natural extracts make your hair supple and smooth. The conditioner preserves the color with antioxidants, which provides natural UV-protection against fading. As a redhead, I personally love the Triple Rescue® spray. This dual-phase spray protects against heat-styling damage and replenishes lifeless hair to make it sleek and manageable.

At the time, these three products were just what I needed! But then, Paul Mitchell took it one step further and added the Ultimate Color Repair® Mask. For those who have color-treated hair (especially us redheads), we know that it is difficult to keep our hair bright and bold until our next salon appointment. The Ultimate Color Repair Mask wraps itself around your tresses to prevent premature fading. In addition, it adds deep hydration helping to prevent dry, damaged, fly-away hair and is simple to use. After shampooing and conditioning, just apply it from scalp to ends. I leave the mask on for 5-15 minutes for the best results. To pamper myself further after I get out of the shower, I comb the mask through my hair and sit with it wrapped in a warm towel. After a half an hour, I rinse the mask out with cool water. I find my hair is bright, shiny, soft and controllable for several days longer!

A redhead’s biggest challenge is keeping her copper coiffure looking its brightest, feeling it’s softest and keeping it healthy. Paul Mitchell helps me get this done with their Ultimate Color Repair line. Put color processing damage at bay and enjoy hair that gives you the confidence you deserve!

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