A PM Insider’s Look: Heidi Marie Garrett

Heidi Marie Garrett has coined herself the Hair and Makeup Girl but she is so much more than that. This PM Insider and lavender-haired beauty also has a long list of credentials for making the world a better place. Between traveling to Cambodia to volunteer twice a year and empowering women to discover their own unique talents, Heidi knows a thing or two about giving back. We wanted to know more, so we sat down with her to tap into what makes her come alive. Here's what she had to say.    


Paul Mitchell: How do you define your personal style?

HG: "A little bit of everything." Generally, my go-to is jeans and a t-shirt, but I also love dressing up, wearing something unique/a statement piece and occasionally doing the typical all-black hairstylist attire.

PM: How did you get your start as a hairstylist and makeup artist?

HG: I knew I wanted to be a hairstylist at a very young age. I was experimenting with nail art, tweezing my eyebrows and playing with hair and makeup as early as my mom and dad allowed me to. I was fascinated by the idea that you could make subtle or drastic changes almost instantly and be a creative beauty engineer at the same time. By the time I was 12, I was doing hair for special dances, and when I was 16, I was introduced to the wedding world. Being a wedding stylist and makeup artist requires a certain caliber of customer service, organization, endurance and ability to handle stressful timelines and different personalities with grace. I knew after doing my first wedding over 10 years ago that I wanted to be a part of this major life event over and over again.

PM: What has been your most memorable experience working as a hair and makeup professional?

HG: I’ve had so many defining moments in my career. These special moments have mostly come in the form of inspiring conversations with fellow stylists on long car rides to jobsites, with my fellow volunteers with The Trade in Cambodia, over lunch with a friend who encouraged me to keep going, or with a client I had never met before who touched my soul when I least expected it. I am a people person. I like to connect with others through shared stories of our life experiences.

PM: What hairstyle trends do you love for Winter 2015? Any tips for getting these looks?

HG: Well, it doesn’t look like the braid trend is going anywhere, but I think more extreme messy braids will be in the cards this winter. Also, the half-up top knot is still making waves and I think it will be a favorite this winter, especially paired with a cute scarf. You can never go wrong with a bun and a scarf!

PM: What are your go-to Paul Mitchell products? Must-have tools?

HG: My favorite Paul Mitchell tool ever is the Teasing Brush!

PM: Where do you draw inspiration?

HG: I draw inspiration from my daily life experiences, clients and fellow stylists.

PM: Tell us a little bit about the Trade Foundation and your involvement with it.

HG: I’ve been volunteering with The Trade Foundation for just over two years. We work with local women who desire a career in hairstyling and more importantly want to earn a living for their families by receiving an education that they otherwise would not have been able to receive. Our goal as an organization is to empower and educate women in the art and science of hairdressing and build self-esteem, which will ultimately allow them to make an impact on their own communities.

PM: How many times a year do you travel to Cambodia to volunteer?

HG: I have been to Cambodia four times in two years, and try to return every six months.

PM: This month we are really highlighting our #GivingIsMyStyle campaign by having individuals tell us how or why they are giving back. Fill in this sentence for us: Giving Is My Style because _______________.

HG: Giving is my style because it’s better to give than to receive.

PM: You seem to have a very solid grasp on owning your purpose in life. Do you have any words of wisdom you’d like to share with our followers about how they can go about finding theirs?  

HG: I am a huge fan of reading books that make you evaluate your life. I recently picked up a book called "To Be Told" after it was recommended to me by fellow hairstylist and makeup artist, Lora Kelley. In it, the author explains the importance of our life story, and how certain tragedies in our life/past will reveal our true passions for our future. I believe that we cannot change our future, or know who we are, without first looking at the very things that got us here.  

Thanks for sharing Heidi!  

Be sure to check out Heidi's blog, Hair and Makeup Girl.  

Angela Hauk is Paul Mitchell's Brand Advocate Manager. When she's not conversing with the Insiders or sending them swag, she enjoys painting, writing, and exploring new places. Someday she'll own a card shop where her obsession with quotes will be put to good use!

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