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A PM Insider's Take on Her Lucky Break

Posted by Team John Paul Mitchell Systems on Aug 7th 2016

We’re lucky to have a network of #PMInsiders who go above and beyond what is expected of them and truly get what the Paul Mitchell brand is all about. One such Insider is Morgan Ryan of The Maverick Muse whose effortless style, effervescent personality╌and as luck would have it╌a little good fortune helped her show up on our radar. Read on for her account of how a chance meeting turned into a promising partnership.

Photo credit: @evan.would

Chance Encounter

I’ve taken many risks, and the most memorable risk I took happened last  October at  Quixote Studios. A  familiar face approached  me and started a friendly conversation. Her personality matched her hair: vivacious and bold. It was Paul Mitchell’s Artistic Director and VP of Education Stephanie Kocielski!  Little did I know, she would be the individual that would help me land the most influential moment of my blogging career so far.

She had been to Quixote once before and remembered me. After chatting for a bit, she left. As she was walking away, I thought to myself, "What were you waiting for?" then concluded that if she’s back tomorrow, it’s meant to be.  

Luck Strikes Twice

Tomorrow came around, and low and behold, the Paul Mitchell team, including Stephanie, was back at the studio again! First thing that  morning, Stephanie came over to chat. We talked one-on-one for five minutes or so, and I knew it was time to create my own luck.

As the conversation began to wind down, I reached into my purse and pulled  out a business card. I handed it to her  with a smile and felt instant synchronicity in her returned grin. She paused for a moment then followed with, "You know sometimes the world just has a way of bringing the right people together at the right time. We’re currently looking for brand influencers and I think you’d be perfect for this. Let me talk to our  Brand Advocate Manager and I’ll put you two in contact."

The rest has been history! I jumped on the phone with their Brand Advocate Manager Angela later that week and got the grand tour of the Century City headquarters the following month. She  and I hit it off immediately; even over the phone I could tell she was warm, welcoming and kind. I now understand the importance of  recognizing how you feel before and after every  interaction.


Fate-full and Grateful

This Spring, I produced my first how-to tutorial for Paul Mitchell. One day, I was playing with a silk scarf to turn into a quirky bow, and the next moment, I’m professionally teaching others how to transform their look! I am beyond grateful for the opportunity and  the creative freedom they have provided me  throughout  the process! It’s truly amazing to see how everything has come full circle.

Long before any of my luck, I was paving the road to success so that when that day came, I was prepared. If it weren’t for my encounter with Stephanie or my fearless attitude, I wouldn’t be sharing this story today. It has been quite a journey, and something tells me it’s far from over.


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