A Transformative Day with Makeovers That Matter

Hair color can have a powerful impact on one’s self-esteem. That’s why we were so excited to kick off our Color Your Confidence campaign with a day of veteran makeovers with M.J. Derricott, the founder of Makeovers That Matter  last week! Makeovers That Matter is a non-profit organization that helps female veterans get back on their feet and into the workforce. We made over 14 women and took the time to get to know M.J. a little better.

Andrea Espinoza:  How did the idea for Makeovers That Matter come about?

M.J.: I’m a hairstylist and I was doing charity work for my clients, donating my services to their silent auctions and supporting other people’s causes. In January 2012, I decided to volunteer at a shelter and cut hair for homeless women. I gave up my Tuesdays in the salon and quickly realized that I needed to take it a step further. In April 2012, I saw that economically-challenged women, especially female veterans, were interested in getting into the workforce. I saw this as my opportunity to help them, to give them makeovers to prepare them for a job interview.

AE: How many makeovers do you estimate you’ve done since the onset of Makeovers That Matter?

M.J.: In the last 3 ½ years, Makeovers That Matter has offered almost 200 women free makeover services to help them get ready for and into the workforce with a little more confidence and a lot more style!

AE: M.J., can you tell us what’s your most common hair color request?

M.J.: For a woman who’s got a few more years under her belt, they might have gray hair. So when I have a client like that come in, we immediately suggest color and perhaps augment that with just a little bit of highlights.

Also a lot of women that get to Makeovers That Matter have never had their hair colored before. So it’s   exciting to get them into coloring their hair. Giving them a little extra pizzazz is something we really like to do!

AE: What are the next steps for Makeovers That Matter?

M.J.: We are looking to build with more corporate partners like Paul Mitchell®. And what I envision for Makeovers That Matter is our own facility, not just in Los Angeles but across our nation that can offer not only makeover services but be the home to our Mindset Program, have its own employment agency and collaborative day care services. That’s what our female veterans truly need. And there’s no other place that exists like that to my knowledge.

AE: Sounds great! And M.J., I have to ask, what color is your confidence?

M.J.: I’m a die-hard blonde! I was born a blonde. I’ve lived and worked in Los Angeles for 25 years. And I think that everybody, at some point, should be a blonde in their life!

AE: M.J., thank you so much for partnering with us at Paul Mitchell. And thank you for helping us launch our Color Your Confidence campaigns with these gorgeous makeovers!

See the change happen before your eyes with one of our amazing makeovers:

To learn more about Makeover That Matter, please visit their website. And stay tuned to learn more about our Color Your Confidence campaign!

To get your own makeover underway, visit our salon locator to find a Paul Mitchell salon or school in your area!

Andrea Espinoza is the Brand Manager for Paul Mitchell Professional Hair Color and Texture. She works closely with our artists and educators to create gorgeous color collections for our professionals and is our resident color-trend expert.

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