A Tribute to The Guys Who Started It All

When John Paul DeJoria and Paul Mitchell teamed up to create John Paul Mitchell Systems, they were two young entrepreneurs with a vision of building a revolutionary hair care system. The partnership combined John Paul’s innovative, entrepreneurial spirit with Paul Mitchell’s inherent eye for trends and superior hairdressing educationâ•Œ35 years later their legacy continues to shape and transform the professional hair care industry.

For this month’s #35YearsofPM giveaway, we’re asking you to post a re-creation of this iconic photo of Paul Mitchell the man with your favorite Paul Mitchell product. Here’s how to enter:

  • Follow @PaulMitchellUS on Instagram  and locate the photo shown below
  • Re-create the iconic photo with your favorite Paul Mitchell product
  • Post your photo to Instagram with #35YearsofPM and tag @PaulMitchellUS


We’ll pick one winner at the end of the month to receive a year’s supply of the pictured product, Sculpting Foam™! This award-winning conditioning foam is perfect for every hair typeâ•Œwith calming conditioners and bodifying agents, this styler controls frizz, adds shine and balances moisture. Whether you’re a curl-girl whose tresses need extra hydration or a fine-haired gal craving a smooth, bouncy blowout, this product is a must-have.  

We can’t wait to see your re-creation of this photo! The winner will be announced in the comments of our post at the end of the month, and additionally, we’ll spotlight a few of our favorite photos you’ve created on our social media channels. Cheers to 35 years!  

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