An Insider’s Look at a Career in the Beauty Industry: Ryin Humphries

Yesterday we spotlighted Lisa Gomez, a Paul Mitchell Insider and Paul Mitchell The School (PMTS) graduate, and learned about how she created a lively career in the beauty industry. Today, we are excited to put the spotlight on another PMTS graduate and member of the Paul Mitchell Insiders, Ryin Humphries. Here, she is sharing her Paul Mitchell experience and goals for the future. Get ready to be inspired!

What Paul Mitchell School did you attend?

Paul Mitchell The School Colorado Springs  

What was your initial feeling when you toured the school?

My initial feeling was very positive. I instantly felt like I fit in  with the Paul Mitchell The Schools’ vibe.

What was your favorite class?

I loved color class. Learning new hair color trends and techniques, and ways to improve my efficiency was really interesting to me.  

What is your best memory from your experience at your school?

My favorite memory was when I was given the honor of providing hair and makeup services to individuals who lost loved ones serving in the military. It was a great reminder of the impact hairdressers can make on our guests.  

Did you attend any schools related events? What was your experience like?

Yes, I attended Dew Tour, Caper, the schools’ awesome annual educational event for students and Beacon, an award show for the industry’s top cosmetology students. Dew Tour was the first school event I attended as a stylist and I loved everything about it! It was the first time I was introduced to John Paul Mitchell System corporate employees and I quickly learned the importance of networking. Caper was magical with its fashion shows, classes and opportunities to meet industry icons. And Beacon was one of the most amazing experiences I had in schoolâ•ŒI learned a lot about creating a career as a professional hair stylist.

Were you involved in any student run programs?

Yes, I was a part of my school’s Design team, Take Home team and Social Networking team.

Cosmetology related or not, what was the best lesson you learned from Paul Mitchell The School?

Patience, both in the workplace and in my everyday life.

After graduating from Paul Mitchell The School, how are you now applying your education to the real world? Where are you working?

I'm still looking for a salon that fits me. I just recently passed my State Board exam and am now applying the customer service skills and work ethic I gleaned from PMTS when interviewing with various salons. I'm using all my networking tips to get my name out there and to help show off my portfolio, too!

For more information about how Paul Mitchell The School can help you realize your goals and jumpstart a career in the beauty industry, attend our National Open House next week! Click here to learn more and RSVP.

Angela Hauk is Paul Mitchell's Brand Advocate Manager. When she's not conversing with the Insiders or sending them swag, she enjoys painting, writing, and exploring new places. Someday she'll own a card shop where her obsession with quotes will be put to good use!

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