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Around the World with John Paul DeJoria in 30 Days

Around the World with John Paul DeJoria in 30 Days

Posted by Tara Ennis on Jan 25th 2015

As the co-founder of Paul Mitchell®, Patron Spirits and Rok Mobile╌not to mention a majority stakeholder in a number of other ventures╌JP is constantly on-the-go, traveling from one end of the earth to the other during any given month. Needless to say, he has a packed travel calendar╌attending meetings, leading new initiatives and making media appearances. As a husband, father and grandfather with a strong "giving back" ethos, he also ensures that quality time with his family and charitable work are two big priorities, despite his crazed schedule.

With his signature mix of business, pleasure and philanthropy, John Paul’s travel itinerary is an inspirational blueprint for a life well lived. Here are his recent stats for miles covered and cities visited in 30 days:

  • 7 cities (and three countries) in one month. It’s not unusual for John Paul and his wife Eloise to travel together, so they can enjoy family time on business trips.
  • Days 1- 10: 8,978 miles. John Paul heads to Frankfurt, Germany to visit ABK Brewery, a company he acquired last year. Afterward, he flies to NYC for a media tour introducing ROK Mobile, a new venture that brings together mobile and music.
  • Days 10-21: 4,915 miles. It’s time to head back to Los Angeles for the launch of Roca Patron, a line of tequila produced from the centuries-old tahona process. Next, a family trip brings John Paul to Alaska for glacier hiking.
  • Days 21-30: 3,845 miles.   Then it’s off to Las Vegas for The Gathering, Paul Mitchell’s annual event. From there, John Paul and Eloise fly to Canada to dig for dinosaur bones with their longtime friend Dan Aykroyd and raise money for the Pipestone Creek museum.
  • Day 30: 1,627 miles. Next stop: Los Angeles, where John Paul attends the Variety Boys and Girls Club Gala. He is presented an award for his many years of support and inducted into their Alumni Hall of Fame.

Total miles traveled:  19,366. That’s 36 hours of flight time. John Paul tries to work on the plane as much as possible, or uses the time to catch up on some rest with a power nap.  

JP’s Travel Essentials:

  1. Must-have shampoo: Tea Tree Special Shampoo®╌it soothes and refreshes.
  2. Go-to travel snack: Nuts and fresh fruit.
  3. Number of stamps in passport: Too many to count!
  4. Favorite travel accessories: A comfortable pillow, throw blankets and a good pair of warm socks.
  5. Secret jet lag remedy: Patron and power naps.  

Tara Ennis is the Copy Director for Paul Mitchell, where she spends her days writing about products, launching new brands and playing hairdresser with her co-workers╌making her officially the Luckiest Girl in the World. When she's not waxing poetic about all things Paul Mitchell, you can find Tara lacing up her running shoes and enjoying time with her family.  

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