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Be Your Own Sweetheart on Valentine’s Day

Be Your Own Sweetheart on Valentine’s Day

Posted by Team John Paul Mitchell Systems on Jan 31st 2017

Roses are red, violets are blue. The best Valentine’s Day presents are the ones bought by you! Let’s face it: you know you best. You know which chocolates you like best. You know which flowers complement your home decor. And you know which restaurant has the best chocolate cake. So should you need any extra Valentine’s Day love, treat yourself to some of these hair care goodies:

Super-Charged Moisturizer®

Here’s a once-a-week treat that doesn’t break your diet or the bank. This treatment boosts shine and makes hair feel healthier.


Full Circle Leave-In Treatment®

Calling all curl girls! This creamy formula can be used when air drying or diffusing, but either way, it replenishes every curl.


Tea Tree Hair and Body Moisturizer®

This is a two-fer! You can refresh and moisturize your skin and quench thirsty hair all with the same wonder product.


Keratin Intensive Treatment®

If you’re rocking color-treated locks, you need this enriching treatment in your hair care routine. You’ll see noticeable results thanks to KeraTriplex® and awapuhi extract.

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