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Beating the Back-to-School Hair Blues

Beating the Back-to-School Hair Blues

Oct 23rd 2014

It's hard enough to wrangle my own mess of curls every morning and get ready in a timely manner (that's a topic for another day), but when you add a squirming, complaining, hairbrush-shy preschooler into the mix, it can take forever to get out the door.

My daughter is three and a half. She loves kittens, pizza and painting. What she hates is getting her hair done. If left to her own devices, she would leave the house looking like this:

Charlotte 1

Thankfully, I have a few tricks up my sleeve to make mornings easier for both of us.

Charlotte 2

1) Baby Don't Cry® Shampoo. I've been washing Charlotte's hair with this aptly named shampoo since she was a wee babe╌without it, there would be more tears in my tub than bath water. It lathers up nicely, has a subtle, clean scent and is super gentle. Best of all, it doesn't sting her eyes. Sometimes I use it as a body wash to save time.

2)  The Cream®. This is my saving grace when combing Charlotte's shoulder-length, wavy hair post-bath. The Cream is a lightweight leave-in conditioner that makes combing a breeze. I also like that it adds a bit of body to her fine locks.

3)  Taming Spray®. This is my go-to product for conquering toddler bedhead. Her hair is super-fine, so it tangles easily, and any pulling will lead to major dramatics. Now, instead of me chasing her around the house with the hairbrush, she actually sits still for 30 seconds because she knows it won't hurt. Added bonus: Taming Spray is light enough that it won't make her hair greasy or weigh it down, so we only have to wash her hair every other day.

The end result? My sweet, quirky kid is ready for civilized society (or rather, preschool):

Charlotte 3

She still won't let me put her hair in pigtails, ponytails or braids. But, hey, baby steps.

Tara Ennis is the Copy Director for Paul Mitchell, where she spends her days writing about products, launching new brands and playing hairdresser with her co-workers╌making her officially the Luckiest Girl in the World. When she's not waxing poetic about all things Paul Mitchell, you can find Tara lacing up her running shoes and enjoying time with her family.  

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