Brighten Up Your Beauty Routine with PUREPOP Pro Tools™

Paul Mitchell National Educator Samantha Ploskonka put our limited edition PUREPOP Pro Tools™ to the test and created three summer-ready styles on her guests. Here are her tips for brightening up your summer beauty routine!  

As a professional stylist, it’s not uncommon for me to geek out over new tools and products, but when I saw the PUREPOP limited edition Pro Tools  I instantly fell in love (they’re neon" and rubberized for great control and even come with a heat-safe, silicone clutch!). What’s better than giving your summer beauty routine a bright punch of color? Here are a few summer hairstyles I created on my guests using the PUREPOP Pro Tools.


For an easy hairstyle fit for happy hour, birthday festivities or date night, use this simple tutorial for creating wavy texture.  


Finger Waves

Finger Waves 2

  • Spray hair with Hot Off The Press® to protect from heat and give hair a bit of hold.
  • Take a 2" section of hair and wrap it around your pointer and middle finger to form a coil.
  • Pinch the coil together and then enclose the hair with your PUREPOP Express Ion Smooth®+ to heat and set the curl. For loose curls tap once; for more defined curls press the coil until thoroughly heated.
  • Use a bobby pin to set the curl in place and allow to cool completely.
  • Brush out the curls with a 413 Sculpting Brush. Don’t be afraid to brush thoroughly until you get the shape you like.
  • Finish the style with Awapuhi Wild Ginger® Shine Spray™ and Stay Strong®.


I’ve recently noticed that more women are experimenting with the bold look of a pixie cutâ•Œit’s a great summer look for those who are ready to make a serious style change. Here is a fun way to dress up this cut using the PUREPOP Express Ion Smooth+.

Pixie Cut

Pixie Cut (1)

  • Starting at the crown of your head, take 1" wide sections of hair and roll the iron back towards you (in a curling iron motion). This will give a smooth polish, lift at the roots and bend at the ends for more texture.
  • Repeat until you reach your front hairline.
  • Spray a light mist of Worked Up® over your style and use the 413 sculpting brush to position hair exactly how you like it.
  • Once satisfied with the shape, finish with Extra-Body Finishing Spray®.


Recently, one of my clients came into the salon to have her platinum hair color retouched, which provided the perfect photo opp for my new tools. Look how gorgeous the neon colors look next her white-blonde hair! I used the PUREPOP Express Ion Smooth®+ to style her freshly colored hair into a sleek and smooth look.



Check out the entire limited edition PUREPOP collection!  

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