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Celebrating Paul Mitchell®’s Commitment

Celebrating Paul Mitchell®’s Commitment

Posted by Team John Paul Mitchell Systems on Oct 20th 2016

We’re recognized by American Made Beauty, an online portal that showcases beauty brands manufactured in the United States. They recognize the importance of celebrating "American determination, innovation, pride, freedom and the entrepreneurial spirit." In order to qualify as one of their American beauties:

  • The product or service offered must be made in the U.S.
  • Beauty products must meet FDA requirements for labels
  • The company’s headquarters is in the U.S. and majority of the employees are based in the US

Making products and services in America requires intention and dedication to quality and innovation.   We are pleased to have earned this distinction and ask you to join us in becoming a verified American Made Beauty.   Together we can be part of keeping "made in America" strong and beautiful.  

Thank you to American Made Beauty for this recognition. We’re proud of how we do business and plan to keep it that way!

For more information about joining the movement at American Made Beauty, click here.

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