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Coiffed Till You Drop

Coiffed Till You Drop

Posted by Team John Paul Mitchell Systems on May 1st 2017

As special-event season is about to begin, chances are you’ve got one or two marked in your calendar (yup, another wedding). And of course, you want to look your best in every photo! But there are two words that strike fear into any event-attending girl’s heart: Candid. Photos.

While we can’t guarantee that a photographer won’t catch you breaking down the Macarena like nobody’s business, a visit to your local salon will ensure that your hair will look great from every angle. Ask your stylist to try one of these three looks:

Paul -mitchell -social -media -images -pminsider -look -2-may -2017

Beach Waves

Oh, beach waves. Always in style and easy to create╌what more could you want from party-worthy hair? This look is perfect for girls with textured locks and only needs a little nudge with a  large barreled curling iron  and a few spritzes of  Texturizing Sea Spray®. It’s really that easy!  

Paul -mitchell -coiffed -til -you -drop -deep -part -blog -image -may -2017

Deep Side Part

This one goes out to our low-maintenance gals. A deep side part can complement a braid, loose waves or straight hair. Just be sure to lock your part in place by blow-drying your part while your hair is slightly damp.

Paul -mitchell -social -media -images -pminsider -look -1b -may -2017

Soft Twists

Add a little romance to your hairstyle with this pretty style. A half-up twisted ’do would be the perfect mix of pulled-together and disheveled. Twisting hair into a loose chignon would be a great accessory to any outfit. (HINT:  Soft Spray®  will hold your twists in place, but still give you touchable hold that just screams "will you dance with me?")

Here’s hoping that you catch the bouquet or deliver the perfect toast╌cheers!

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