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Color Your Confidence " Making a Difference with Makeovers That Matter

Color Your Confidence " Making a Difference with Makeovers That Matter

Posted by Paul Mitchell Team on Jan 5th 2016

When it comes to transforming your look and how you see yourself, professional hair color is a powerful tool. When weeks, months or years have passed since you’ve invested in yourself, a simple transition from brown to rich brunette, or a more vivid transformation from blonde to rose gold, can immediately boost your confidence and bring new light to your overall look. And that’s the kind of transformation we love to promote and support!

Knowing the power of professional hair color, we recently partnered with Makeovers That Matter to give the gift of a color transformation to three women returning from military service. This amazing charity’s goal is to empower female veterans and military wives and widows by providing them with tools to re-enter the workforce. With the help of the Makeover That Matters team and our team of Paul Mitchell® artists and stylists, each woman received a complete makeover, including hair color formulated to highlight her unique beauty and color her confidence. The results were moving. To begin, we’re sharing U.S. Army Captain Katie Robinson’s story and how her hair transformation colored her confidence.

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