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Common Bangs Issues Solved by a Pro

Posted by Rachael Plotts on May 20th 2015

Wearing bangs is a fun way to change your hairstyle in a new and noticeable way, but there can be challenges in wearing, styling and committing to fringe. As a hairdresser, I’ve seen guests shy away from cutting bangs because they aren’t sure how to style their new look or worry that fringe won’t work well with their hair type. Here are a few solutions to common bangs issues.

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I have fine hair and my bangs get oily quickly.  

Solution: Dry Wash®. Our waterless shampoo is a style saver in this situation╌the ultra-fine, colorless formula absorbs excess oil, refreshing and reviving your bangs with a just-washed look. This style must-have works for every hair color and hair type. Also, pick up the travel-size bottle of Dry Wash and keep it in your purse for on-the-go touch-ups and you won’t have to worry about greasy bangs again!

Tip: Avoid touching your fringe throughout the day and use styling products sparingly to avoid product and oil build-up.  

I have curly hair. Can I wear bangs?

Solution: Yes! Try this technique for styling your bangs: Prep damp hair with Quick Slip™╌a styling cream that provides flexible hold╌then blow dry hair with a round brush. Use the round brush to direct your fringe down and around the brush to smooth your hair cuticle and give it a slight bend at the end.

Tips: On the second day of your style, use Dry Wash to refresh your fringe. If your natural curl is coming back, re-wet your fringe and blow-dry to smooth the hair cuticle.  

I’m afraid to commit to bangs.

Solution: This is a very common reason guests shy away from cutting bangs╌and rightfully so! Bangs do require more maintenance, but most women with bangs will agree that you get the hang of it quickly. To get started, have your hairdresser cut a small section of long fringe that can be blended into the length of your hair. Play with your part to determine how you like to style your bangs.

Tip: Once you’ve determined if fringe is for you, experiment with blunt or full bangs.  

I have no idea how to style bangs.

Solution: Don’t be deterred by the styling aspect╌that is something that can be learned and mastered! Talk to your Paul Mitchell hairdresser about the product cocktail that is right for your hair type and ask him/her to show you how to style your bangs. Then practice, practice, practice! You’ll get the hang of it quicker than you may think.  

Rachael Plotts is the Education Brand Manager for Paul Mitchell. She works closely with our Educators and Artists to coordinate outstanding educational materials and opportunities. Fun fact: Rachael is a proud vegan and aspiring bass player.  

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