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Dive Into Summer Style

Dive Into Summer Style

Posted by Team John Paul Mitchell Systems on May 8th 2017

The most convenient ’do is making a splash this season, as predicted by the major fashion houses last September: the wet-hair look. Perfect for day to night and from the pool to a party, this slicked-back style is fast, fierce and fresh. It screams sultry mermaid meets boardroom boss, and it’s super easy to achieve because dirty, unchlorinated hair is the best base. It even works with every hair type! Pulled back or let down, this 2017 trend is a super fun summer fling.

Lucie -repost 

When styling this look at home, make sure to use tons of wax and gel. To lock in your saturated look, we suggest trying Wax Works®, Tea Tree Styling Wax®, Super Clean Sculpting Gel® or Tea Tree Firm Hold Gel® for extreme texture, maximum control and high shine.

If you have straight hair:

Start with damp hair. If it’s dirty, spray it with water first. Finger comb all over, then apply wax from the roots to just above the ends. Use gel at the tips for extra stiffness.

If you have wavy hair:

Start with blow-dried hair. Apply wax throughout, then scrunch all over. Don’t use gel because its water ingredient will turn straightened hair back to its naturally wavy state.

If you have curly hair (and you want to keep it curly):

Start with dry hair. Spray a leave-in conditioner like Tea Tree Lavender Mint Conditioning Leave-In Spray. After misting all over, apply gel throughout.

Photo: @luciedoughty

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