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Doing Fine: How to Make the Most of Skinnier Strands

Doing Fine: How to Make the Most of Skinnier Strands

Posted by Team John Paul Mitchell Systems on Jan 15th 2017

Sure, there's lots to love about baby-fine tresses╌they air-dry fast; wet days don't turn them into an ungovernable ball of frizz╌but when you're craving drama and volume, or just the ability to hold a curl for more than a hot minute, these virtues tend to fall, well, flat. Fine-haired ladies, we're here for you! Here are a few tips that help you make the most of your hair type.


Try a Blunt Cut

But isn't layering all about creating volume? Yes, but it also thins out your mane. We're not saying layers can't work for finer textures╌but if you've never had an all-the-same-length haircut, give it a whirl╌you may find that when it comes to your hair, more is more.

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Use The Correct Brush

Specifically, this one. Soft bristles like these vegan boar-like bristles won’t break your fine, delicate strands. They're also best at distributing your natural oils over the full length of your hair, giving you that curtain-of-silk look that is fine hair at its best (and preventing oily roots).


Don't Weigh Your Hair Down with Heavy Products

Ironically enough, some volumizing shampoos, conditioners and stylers are too heavy for the finest of strands. Not sure which products are fine-hair friendly? Check out the new MarulaOil Light collection designed just for your hair type.

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Use Rollers Instead of a Curling Iron

Can't keep a curl? If you have barely any texture to work with, a quick pass with an iron probably won't give you a curl that lasts╌you need more time under the heat. For longer-lasting results, set your hair in rollers and let them cool down completely before you remove them.


Backcombing Will Never Let You Down

There's a reason stylists whip out the backcomb for prom, weddings and other big events ╌ it delivers serious volume that does not quit. Ever. Since backcombing can take patience to comb out (and if done too frequently, may damage your hair), you'll probably want to save the serious teasing for special occasions. But for everyday looks, a little light backcombing at the crown can be an easy way to add some height and volume that lasts all day long.


Read more about the featherweight, volume-boosting MarulaOil Light collection here.

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