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Effortlessly Chic Looks from Rachel Zoe’s Spring 2018 Fashion Show

Effortlessly Chic Looks from Rachel Zoe’s Spring 2018 Fashion Show

Posted by Team John Paul Mitchell Systems® on Sep 18th 2017

INVISIBLEWEAR™ hit the runway as we partnered with Rachel Zoe to create the effortlessly chic hair looks for her highly anticipated Spring 2018 Collection and first-ever bridal showcase in Los Angeles.

Backstage, editorial director and lead stylist Lucie Doughty kept things chic and simple with beautifully undone waves. To recreate the look at home, start with a center part, then section hair starting at the nape of the neck. Prep hair from bottom to top with INVISIBLEWEAR™ Pump Me Up™ instant volume texture powder. Create a single three-strand braid with loose hair and secure with a clip for control, leaving ends free.

Rachel Zoe’s Spring 2018 Fashion Show Backstage. Getting hair braided.

Rachel Zoe’s Spring 2018 Fashion Show Backstage. Using Neuro Smooth Flat Iron for definition.

Continue the texturizing process on your entire head, bringing another section down and dividing it into three individual braids. End with the top layer divided into four sections and then braided. Once the entire head of hair is braided, spray each braid with Extra-Body Finishing Spray® to tame flyaways and add volume, then run the Neuro®Smooth flat iron over each braid for definition. Let hair cool, remove clips and use your fingers to break apart the braids and marry the texture. Create a bend in the hair on face-framing pieces using the Neuro® Smooth flat iron in a reverse C shape to complete the look. Finish with INVISIBLEWEAR™ Undone Texture Hairspray to add to the tousled, touchable look.

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