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Faking It: Your Fall Faux Bob Tutorial

Faking It: Your Fall Faux Bob Tutorial

Posted by Team John Paul Mitchell Systems on Oct 3rd 2016

Once autumn hits, there’s something about casually cropped cuts that send us all swooning. This year’s no different, with laid-back bobs bound to make big statements. While we can all appreciate a little change, not everyone is down for the dramatic chop.

If you’re dreaming of a shorter ’do or even just a new undone go-to, have no fear╌we’ve come up with the best way to fake it for fall: the faux bob. This sneaky style allows you to indulge in the trend without the serious commitment that comes with it.

Starting with clean hair, create a loose braid at the nape of the neck. Secure with an elastic.

Paul -mitchell -how -too -faux -bob -image _4

Roll the braid upward underneath itself. When the roll meets the nape of the neck, secure with pins.

Paul -mitchell -how -too -faux -bob -image _5

Paul -mitchell -how -too -faux -bob -image _6

Curl the ends of the pieces of hair framing the face.

Paul -mitchell -how -too -faux -bob -image _7

Secure the whole style with Hold Me Tight®. And you are ready, faux sure!

Paul -mitchell -how -too -faux -bob -image _8

 Paul -mitchell -how -too -faux -bob -street -look -model -final -street -look

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