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Festival-Friendly Hairstyles

Festival-Friendly Hairstyles

Posted by Team John Paul Mitchell Systems on May 11th 2017

Break out your flower crowns, girls, because the festivals are upon us! Now that your suitcases are packed with your crop tops and sunnies, let’s talk hair. Our new limited edition On the Horizon  collection is inspired to help you look cool over a few sun-filled days and dusky nights. So let your hair down, go wild and be free.

Unclipped -3-in -1

Day 1 " Wild Child Waves

Create beautiful, bohemian waves with body-boosting products  and a versatile iron. It comes with a free fringe pouch so you can travel light (it doubles as a heat-safe case for your tools and a stylish clutch).


Day 2 " Crowning Glory

Start off with second-day hair, pin a simple chignon in the back, and then lightly mess up the front pieces to achieve effortless texture. (If you need a boost, try a bit of dry shampoo  first.) Once that’s done, opt for a crown with traditional blooms like tea roses and carnations for a more classic look or choose wildflowers for a hippie effect. Prefer something other than pretty petals? Accessorize with an ornate headband or colorful bandana instead.

Paul -mitchell -all -channels -On -the -Horizon -Express -Ion -Style -peach -may -june -2017

Day 3 " Waves and Braids

Wrap up your music-filled weekend with a look that your fellow festival-goers will want on their Pinterest boards. This look is achieved easily by braiding a section of hair on each side (we're partial to loosly braided fishtails). Finish with hairspray  so it doesn’t fall out while you’re dancing!

Paul -mitchell -all -channels -On -the -Horizon -studio -be -model -redhead -braids -may -2017

Imagery courtesy of @studiobesalon.

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