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Five Hair Resolutions You'll Actually Want to Do

Five Hair Resolutions You'll Actually Want to Do

Posted by Team John Paul Mitchell Systems on Jan 3rd 2017

Why hello there, 2017. It's time to embrace a new year and think about what we want to accomplish in the next 365 days. While we can't help you with that healthy eating plan or the class you've always wanted to take (just sign up already!), we can help you achieve your goals in style. We've put together five absolutely doable hair resolutions that will make this your best hair year yet.

Bring on the Shine

Nothing says healthy hair like a mane of lush, glossy strands. So what are you waiting for? Hair has the most shine when the cuticle lies flat, so it can reflect light. To give your hair a gorgeous glow, try a styling product that's infused with natural oil, such as Rare Oil Style Perfecting Serum. This lightweight enhancer controls and smoothes hair while adding twice the shine, so hair feels silky, not greasy (especially when paired with Rare Oil Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner).  

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Turn Less Into More

If your #hairgoals include fuller, thicker hair, you're not alone. Thinning hair, whether it's due to illness, medication, diet or breakage, is not just a problem for guys╌plenty of women stress out over thinning strands as well. The key is prevention╌you get the best results when you address the problem before it begins (or at the very first signs). Tea Tree Scalp Care is a preventative system that gently and naturally addresses hair thinning by encouraging a healthy scalp. Use the shampoo, conditioner and scalp-stimulating tonic daily to see noticeable results on skimpy hair.  

Make the Cut

Few things evoke a fresh start like a good haircut. Whether it's a radical chop or a subtle shift, a good haircut can feel absolutely liberating╌and be just the thing to spark noteworthy positive changes in other areas of our lives. For 2017, we love a sleek, blunt lob (air-dry to amp up texture) or even a short pixie for French-girl chic. Curly girls rejoice╌curls are back in a big way. Ask for a mid-length cut with rounded layers for a modern take on curly hair.  

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Try on a New Color

If 2016 taught us anything, it's that life is better in color. Mermaid, pastel, rainbow"hair color these days can be an extension of our wildest unicorn-filled dreams. Even if blue, green and purple aren't your speed, a subtle hair color shift can complete a new year's makeover. To virtually try which shade is right for you, download the YouCam app on your smartphone, which uses your uploaded photo to show how amazing a new hair color shade can look╌no peroxide required.

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Shake Up Your Style

Let's face it, most of us are creatures of habit: Shower, style, caffeinate, repeat. The new year is a great time to add a twist to your routine, perhaps with a new tool to create this season's coveted texture and waves. The Express Gold® Curl curling irons come in three barrel sizes and each has an ergonomic locking handle to make styling fast and easy. Plus, the pretty gold surface (so easy on the eyes!) ensures heat is distributed evenly for long-lasting curls and waves.

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