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Five Minute Fix-Up: Annie's Stylish Side Braid

Five Minute Fix-Up: Annie's Stylish Side Braid

Posted by Taylor deDiego on Feb 5th 2015

Our Marketing Coordinator Annie is lucky enough to have the type of hair that holds a curl and volume all day. In our book that’s enough to qualify for a good hair day (or good hair life!), but we understand that, sometimes, you just have to experiment with a new style. We recently caught Annie in the salon messing with her curls and creating a simple side braid for added style. We asked her if she would give us the scoop on how she creates the look and she shared these steps with us:  

5 Min Fix Up Annie Tati 013

"I love trying new hairstyles and one that I usually repeat every few weeks is a small side braid with big curls. To get the look I create a 1-2" section of hair at my hairline with a deep side part.   Then I smooth the hair in the direction I want it to lay and begin a three-part braid. I braid the hair all the way to the ends and tuck it under the back section of my hair. I secure it with a few bobby pins and lay the back section of hair over the braid to hide the pins. Then I use a Teasing Brush to smooth out any kinks (but I leave some texture for an intentionally messy look) and spray with a bit of Extra-Body Finishing Spray® to keep everything in place."

5 Min Fix Up Annie Tati 019

5 Min Fix Up Annie Tati 028

5 Min Fix Up Annie Tati 036

5 Min Fix Up Annie Tati 046

5 Min Fix Up Annie Tati 047

5 Min Fix Up Annie Tati 055

5 Min Fix Up Annie Tati 066 (1)

So simple, yet so stylish. Give it a try and show us your side braided style on Instagram by tagging #IHeartPM  

Taylor deDiego is Paul Mitchell's Web Content Writer and resident style hunter. She spends her days writing copy, keeping tabs on our social channels and testing new DIY hairstyles in our in-house salon.  

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