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Fly Styles for Important Spring Occasions

Fly Styles for Important Spring Occasions

Posted by Lucas Doney on Apr 4th 2016

It’s the time of year╌wedding, prom and graduation season. And while much of the attention goes to brides and women in general, we can’t forget the guys (they have to look handsome as well!). Here are a few modern looks you gents can wear for an important occasion this spring.  


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Weddings are becoming more and more frequent in my circle of friends, and I am always helping the grooms and groomsmen figure out the best way to wear their hair. Currently, many men are wearing a haircut that is short on the sides with a longer disconnected top. When styling for weddings, blow-drying will help you get the best end result. Here’s how to do it:  

  • Prep damp hair with MITCH® Steady Grip® for a natural shine that keep gents flake-free all night.  

  • Use a 407 Styling Brush to get maximum tension when blow drying the hair.  

  • Once the hair is dry, lightly mist the hair with Stay Strong® hairspray. This will give the style a firm-hold so they don’t look disheveled halfway through the night.


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Along with picking out the right suit, you have to make sure your hairstyle is something you will be proud of 20 years down the road when mom pulls the photo album out. Again, I can’t stress enough how important it is to blow dry hair for style longevity. Try this look for prom:

  • Prep damp hair with Ultimate Wave® (this beachy-texture cream gel builds in grit to the hair).

  • Once the hair has been dried, apply a small amount of MITCH® Reformer®. This strong hold/ matte finish texturizer will give the hair a gritty modern finish.  


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An important work event calls for a great hairstyle. Sometimes these evenings are events you look forward to and sometimes you have to motivate yourself to get out there and be seen.  Whichever one it is, you want to own the evening with confidence and a great style.

These three modern styles are appropriate for any important occasion you have on your calendar. Show us how you #OwnYourPM by posting a photo of your finished style in Instagram with the hashtag and tagging @PaulMitchellUS.