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Forget Dad Hair, This Is 2017

Forget Dad Hair, This Is 2017

Posted by Team John Paul Mitchell Systems on May 31st 2017

If you’re a penny pincher, chances are you learned it from your dad. And we’re all for staying on a budget! There are some things, however, that deserve a" "practical splurge." We have a few product recommendations that could give your dad’s grooming routine the one-two punch it needs!

Double Hitter®

Dads are busy people. They’re living their own lives and answering our questions about plumbing and taxes. So why not get him a product that fits in his busy schedule? He can wash and condition all in one, thanks to this fan favorite.

Mitch -double -hitter -productimage

Tea Tree Special Shampoo®

There’s no need for dads to rely solely on caffeine to perk up when they’ve got this shampoo in their corner! The combination of natural tea tree oil, peppermint and lavender invigorate the scalp. Once he feels the refreshing tingle, he’ll be on his way to becoming a morning person!

Tt _special _shampoo _product

Tea Tree Discover the Tingle Gift Set

Dad can’t seem to get enough of Tea Tree? He can experience the energizing sensation from head to toe with this gift set, which includes a shampoo, treatment and body bar.

Paul -mitchell -all -channels -Discover -the -Tingle -Take -Home -Kitmay -june -2017

The Conditioner™

Thank to Hawaiian awapuhi, this product doubles as a leave-in moisturizer for your hair and an excellent moisturizer for your skin. One product that has more than one purpose: that has DAD written all over it.

Paul -mitchell -cap -upgrade -product -mar 16_0016_theconditioner _1014

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!

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