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Get the Look: Your Big Moment

Posted by Paul Mitchell Team on Apr 19th 2015

When it comes to on-trend styles and near perfect execution, Paul Mitchell International Trainer and celebrity stylist Noogie Thai is one of our favorite resources. He was the genius behind one of our party-perfect styles for Big Night Out, Your Big Moment.

According to Noogie, this style was inspired by the styles he often sees at Hollywood events: "My inspiration for your Big Night Out is what I see on the red carpet. There are so many styling options for you with these product mixes.   They allow you to create a classic look with a bolder statement using new techniques and adding a modern feel.  Your Big Moment is a volumized "do with luscious waves, high-volume and bounce. I added an element of dramatic flair for the paparazzi by sweeping everything over to one side. Not only is it show-stopping, this full-body blowout will be a huge trend this spring."

Now, Noogie is sharing how to get the look. Follow these steps and you’ll be photo-ready for your Big Night Out:

Step By Step


Thicken Up®

Hot Off The Press®

Stay Strong®


413 Sculpting Brush

Neuro® Unclipped Styling Rod

How to:

  1. Prep your hair with Thicken Up before blow-drying. Then spray dry hair with Hot Off The Press to protect your hair from thermal styling.
  2. Create three sections.
    1. First, create a triangle shaped section on the top of your head by parting from the front left side down to the center, bottom hairline and the front right side down the center, bottom hairline. Pin this section up and away.
    2. As a result, you will have two sections on either side of your head.
  3. Starting on the left section, spray your hair with Hot Off The Press then pull your hair over to the right and clip in place at the roots.
  4. Using the Neuro Unclipped Styling Rod, curl the hair below the clip towards your face. Secure each curl with a pin. Repeat until all hair in this section is curled.
  5. Next, release the top section and spray with Hot Off The Press. Curl small sections of hair away from the face and pin into place.  
  6. Finally, curl the right section towards the face and pin into place.
  7. Once all of the pin curls have cooled, release and brush the hair out with a 413 Sculpting Brush. Gently spray with Stay Strong to lock your style in place.

Make waves on your Big Night Out with these glamorous waves!  

Inger Berg is the Brand Manager for Paul Mitchell®. She works closely with our Product Innovation Center and team of professionals to develop Paul Mitchell products that deliver superior results. She is known around the office for having shiny, gorgeous locks!  

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