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Get Your Daily Dose of Happiness

Get Your Daily Dose of Happiness

Posted by Team John Paul Mitchell Systems on Nov 11th 2016

Since 1980, Paul Mitchell® has fostered a giving back culture that stretches beyond our support of hairdressers worldwide. From helping children and animals to fighting cancer and homelessness, our company is (and always has been) dedicated to making the world a more beautiful place. That’s why we couldn’t be more thrilled to announce our new Peace, Love and Happenings website, which will bring you the inspiration you need, and the positivity you crave, to make each day beautiful.

It’s no secret that our world╌and our TV screens╌have been inundated with a great deal of sadness and strife. That’s why we must now, more than ever, practice kindness in all that we do. The stories within Peace, Love and Happenings are dedicated to everything that makes Paul Mitchell so special. You’ll have the opportunity to check out local volunteer opportunities, health and fitness tips, and follow our fearless leader John Paul on his philanthropic adventures around the world, giving back on behalf of all of us.

Are you ready to make a difference in your life and the life of others? We thought so! Click here to get started.  

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