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Giving Back Looks Good on You!

Giving Back Looks Good on You!

Posted by Angela Hauk on Feb 1st 2015

Every year, we make a conscious effort to give back and this year is no different. Our #GivingIsMyStyle campaign is still going strong and we are thrilled to see how many people have contributed to our giving gallery. From feeding the hungry to providing free haircuts to the homeless, our fans and followers are making the world a more beautiful place. We couldn’t be more proud!

Tell us how you give back on Instagram and Twitter with #GivingIsMyStyle and we’ll donate $1 to charity on your behalf.  

Angela Hauk is Paul Mitchell's Web Marketing Coordinator and program lead for the Paul Mitchell Insiders. When she's not conversing with the Insiders or sending them swag, she enjoys painting, writing, and exploring new places. Someday, she says she'll own a card shop where her obsession with quotes will be put to good use!

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