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Grooming Habits Guys Should Break

Grooming Habits Guys Should Break

Posted by Team John Paul Mitchell Systems on Apr 6th 2016

Your wardrobe has probably seen a few updates over the years. But what about your grooming routine? Long-standing habits can be hard to break, but Paul Mitchell® stylist Chris Hogg is here to help. Here he shares the grooming habits you’d benefit from giving up and what you can do to update and upgrade your routine.

Shampooing Too Frequently

Washing your hair too often can lead to fluffy hair and what guy wants fluffy hair? Chris suggests giving your hair a good scrub with water every day and washing with shampoo once or twice a week to lock in natural oils and keep hair healthy.

Lack of Product Knowledge

Chris says education is key when it comes to using styling products. Beware of:

  • Using too much product

  • Diluting the product by applying to overly wet hair

  • Not distributing product evenly through your hair

  • Avoiding product all together

The best way to avoid these conundrums is to ask your stylist. Knowing your hair type, which products work best for it and how to use them can help ensure a good hair day.

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Lack of Styling Knowledge

A well-stocked tool kit helps get the job done and the same applies to your grooming routine. Chris recommends getting familiar with using a blow-dryer, combs and brushes so you feel confident styling your look at home.

Coloring Your Hair at Home

It’s hard to achieve a natural color with an at-home kit. Chris recommends seeing a stylist to get a customized look with a natural finish that suits your unique brand of handsome.

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Trimming Your Own Beard

Even Chris is guilty of this one! He says you should find a local stylist or barber who’s well-versed in beards. Once you’re both on the same page, work together to create the beard you’ve always wanted.

In the words of Chris Hogg, "Welcome to the good hair club!"

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