Grooming Tips for Men: How to Look Your Best During the Holidays

If there is any particular time of the year that you should look your best, it is probably the holiday season when parties and trips home to see your family are on the calendar. Resident groomer and stylist Jason Reyes has some hints for sprucing up your style before the festive functions begin. Here are his easy tips for getting the most out of your grooming routine:

Figure out your hair texture and type. Hair texture can be grouped into three categories (fine, medium and thick) and hair type can be grouped into four (straight, wavy, curly or extra-curly). Watch the video below to determine your hair type and texture, and pick the right products and style based on the combination you have.

Get more mileage out of your haircut. On a weekly basis, taper your neckline by shaving off any extra growth. This will keep your cut looking fresh in between visits to your stylist or barber.  

Trim your sideburns. Since your sideburns are made up of coarse hair, much like your beard, trim it close to your face to create a better visual balance.

Shampoo matters. If your hair is fine, wash every other day to maintain the natural oils in your hair. If your hair is thick or curly, you may be better off washing it every day to make styling easy.

Drying options matter, too. If you have thick hair, blot your hair dry " this helps tame hair so that you’re not fighting cowlicks or frizz when styling. If you have thin hair, feel free to be a bit more aggressive when dryingâ•Œit may even make your hair appear thicker!

With tips like these in your back pocket, you’ll be ready for any function this holiday season.  

Marci Miguel is the Brand Manager for Paul Mitchell Pro Tools, Neuro and MITCH®. On any given day, you'll find her working closely with our team of professionals to develop cutting-edge tools, brushes and men's styling products. She is also known around the office for having an amazing shoe collection.  

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