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Hack Your Summer Hair

Hack Your Summer Hair

Posted by Paul Mitchell Team on May 25th 2016

Summer. It’s the season of chilling poolside, catching a ball game and enjoying the sunshine. Don’t let the best parts of summer wreak havoc on your hair. We consulted Chris Hogg, a kickass Paul Mitchell® stylist in Los Angeles, for his tips to hack your summer hair.

Paul Mitchell: Hey, Chris. What should guys do about hair that feels more like hay from all the chlorine exposure?

Chris Hogg: Make sure you shampoo after getting out of the pool and the sooner, the better. Grab some Double Hitter® to get rid of any chlorine residue.

Mitch -Hack Your Summer Hair -double -hitter -340x 680

PM: Good to know! And what about hat hair?

CH: Hat hair is bad. No way around that. If you’re going to wear a hat all day and then take it off, you’ve got two options: use some Awapuhi Wild Ginger® Texturizing Sea Spray® to refresh your "do or wet your hair again and give it a good scrub to break up that hat line.

  Awapuhi -texturizing -seaspray -product

PM: We have a feeling that one’s going to be a lifesaver. One more question. What are your tips for hair that is" a little worse for wear because you’re getting a little overheated?

CH: The more you tend to perspire, the less product you should use. That being said, most product has a staying power that lasts 4-6 hours. If you’re going to be out all day and into the night, you should carry a travel-sized version of your favorite styler.

And those, gents, are our hacks for your summer hair. Many thanks to Chris for his expertise. May your summer be long and good-looking.

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