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Hair Product Mixology with Neuro®

Hair Product Mixology with Neuro®

Posted by Team John Paul Mitchell Systems on Jul 9th 2017

Some things are simply better together. Find out which Neuro® product cocktails our experts recommend.

Hair Product Mixology with Neuro

Quick Blowout

If you’re looking to reduce dry time when you’re rushing to get out the door, mix Neuro® Protect with Neuro® Prime HeatCTRL™ Blowout Primer before you start your blowout.

Extra Lift

To take your hair to the next level, wash with  Neuro® Lather HeatCTRL™ Shampoo to start things off. Prep strands with  Neuro® Prime HeatCTRL™ Blowout Primer. Take about a quarter-sized amount of  Neuro® Lift HeatCTRL™ Volume Foam and apply to the roots. Curl sections of your hair using the  Neuro® Unclipped Styling Rod. (PRO TIP: Use  Neuro Protect both before and after you curl to deliver protection and shine!)

What are your go-to product cocktails that involve Neuro? Show us on Instagram and be sure to tag us< @neurohair. For more intelligent styling from Neuro, click here.

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