To style or not to style? Have no fear, your May Hair-oscope is here! Find out what your fate is.


Hey birthday girl, you know the old adage, "you get what you ask for?" Well, get ready because you’re about to get your cake" and eat it, too! Just make sure to follow through with your intention and be clear with your want. Looking for some tips and tricks to supplement that new style upgrade you’ve been thinking about? It’s easyâ•Œ just ask!  



Last month was all about saving money, working hard and getting ahead. But this month, Gemini, May lets her hair down and brings with her some excitement and fun! Listen to your inner child, relearn how to play and get thee to a festival!



Shine bright like a diamond, Miss Cancer. The world is better today than it was yesterday and that’s because of your efforts since January. Reward yourself and revive those locks and show the world just how brilliant you are. This month was made for you, beauty.  



The bold choices you made last month will parlay nicely into (what the hair goddesses call) your month of power. Career goals are at all-time high, your "I feel fabulous" days (which includes great hair) flow in and out like water, and your charismaâ•Œoff the charts! Basically, you are unstoppable. Lucky you, Leo.



It’s May and guess whatâ•Œthis month your career is enhanced through charitable activities, social engagements and entertaining. Your passion is infectious, touching just about every person you meet. In case you didn’t know, when you choose Paul Mitchell, you’re supporting our charity efforts in return. We applaud you for this and just wanted to take the time to say"thank you.



It could be a bumpy month, Libra. But, you know how to brush off the craziness and turn it into something beautiful! Maintain  enviable locks with smoothing strokes.  



It’s time to relax, Scorpio! We know you underwent some massive changes last month, and now is the time to just sit back and let it all unfold. Joy itself will be the healing tonic. De-stress with a scalp massage at one of one of our many   salons and maintain your head health with these tips and tricks.



Sag! You’re the talk of the town. Your vibrant 'do has everyone saying, "who is this girl?!" Your new (or recently amped-up) love affair probably has you walking on air. We can’t blame you. Live it up, ’cause next month â•Œthings are going to get interesting "



You’re leading the way in style trends this May, Cap. By month’s end you’ll have mastered the art of a selfie, worked your angles into all the right poses, and will be considered the queen of accessories. We know you don’t need any advice, but in case you have an off-day, might we suggest some of our 2017 style upgrades?



Feeling beautiful starts with an amazing blowout. Why do we say this? Because love blooms in May, Aquarius, and we want you to feel your best. Yes, the Mercury retrograde will challenge you to communicate more effectively, but once you do, you’ll find depth and clarity in your relationships (both new and old) like never before.



May positions herself around you with an air of insecurity. Try not to fall prey to her lies. Remember your worth. Remember your strength. And remember that beauty surrounds you at all times.



Wedding bells can be heard pretty clearly this month, Aries. That doesn’t necessarily means yours, but it certainly means you’ll be attending your fair share of prenuptial toasts this May.   We think you should totally outdo yourself (even if you aren’t the bride) and opt for something like this or this!


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