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Hairstyle Dictionary: Get the Most Out of Your Curling Iron

Hairstyle Dictionary: Get the Most Out of Your Curling Iron

Posted by Team John Paul Mitchell Systems on Oct 6th 2016

For many of us, a curling iron was one of the first hot tools we used. So it’s easy to fall into a curling routine. Take this chance to read up on the basics to make sure you get the curl of your dreams.

Choosing the Right Barrel Size

Thought you were going to look like Gigi Hadid, but ending up looking like Shirley Temple? Been there, done that. Here’s a basic rule to remember: the bigger the barrel, the looser the curl. A .75" barrel is great for ringlets. A 1" barrel will give you natural-looking curls, while a 1.25" barrel will help you get loose waves. If you’re planning to vary your curls, invest in a tool like the limited edition Neuro® Unclipped 3-in-1 with various barrel sizes.

Neuro -3n1

Watching Your Heat Settings

You can adjust the temperature for a reason. You have to make sure your hair still retains moisture, but the tool also needs to be hot enough to hold the curl. Different hair textures require different temperatures to get their best curl. One hot tip: Use Hot Off The Press® to protect your locks and to give your curls a little hold! Be sure to consult your local Paul Mitchell® salon or school for a recommendation and make sure your tool has an adjustable temperature control.

Holding the Iron

Handle the iron like a pro. Holding the iron horizontally will help you get a tighter curl, while a vertical hold yields looser waves.

Curling Your Hair in Multiple Directions

This will help you get salon-quality curls. When you’re curling your hair at home, you might be using the same arm to curl both sides of your head. But if your arms can take it, switch it up! Curl your hair both toward your face and away from your face create a more natural, flattering look.

Happy curling!

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