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Hairstyle Dictionary: Short Haircuts 101

Hairstyle Dictionary: Short Haircuts 101

May 22nd 2016

When your BFF says, I want to cut my hair short, isn’t your first response always how short? There are so many variations of short haircuts (and we support them all!) that going short can mean a lot of things. In this edition of the hairstyle dictionary, we’re exploring short cuts of all kinds and explaining which styles look best on particular face shapes. If you’ve been considering a shorter style, settle in for an informative read!

The Pixie

A pixie cut can run the gamut in terms of style, but in general this is one of the shortest versions of a short haircut. Hair is generally only a few inches long, but thanks to hairdresser creativity there is a lot of room to play with this style. Wear it short and classic like Zendaya, modern and messy like Halle Berry, or seriously edgy like Kristen Stewart. This short style can be adapted to suit your features, but generally a shorter cut looks great on those with oval face shapes or petite face frames.

Paul -mitchell -short -haircuts -pixie -model -blog -post -4256x 2832

The Bob

The bob is a classic, short cut that has been fashionable throughout the past century and worn by muses like Coco Chanel, Jennifer Lawrence and Gigi Hadid. Much like the pixie cut, this look can be cut and styled in a number of ways╌from short and blunt to textured and layered. This cut looks great on nearly anyone╌talk to your hairdresser to achieve the perfect bob that suits your features.  

Paul -mitchell -short -haircuts -bob -model -blog -post -5184x 3456

The Bob with Fringe

Some of our favorite leading ladies have taken the bob to a new level by supplementing with swoon-worthy fringe. Be inspired by Emma Stone, Kerry Washington and fashion designer Marc Jacobs, and talk to your hairdresser about the right fringe for your face shape.

Paul -mitchell -short -haircuts -bob -model -blog -post -3600x 2405

The Lob

The lob, or long bob, became immensely popular in recent years and for good reason! This style hits right above the shoulders, looks great on nearly any face shape (it’s a happy medium between a bob and medium length hair) and can be styled in a variety of ways. Try it sleek and straight for a sophisticated look or textured and tousled for an effortless style.

Paul -mitchell -short -haircuts -lob -model -blog -post -3840x 5310

The Lob with Fringe

The only way the lob can get better is with the addition of fringe. If you have a square-shaped face, fringe may give you an unwanted, boxy look, so stick with the original lob to play up your best features.

Paul -mitchell -short -haircuts -lob -with -fringe -model -blog -post -1954x 3000

The Triangular Cut

The triangular cut was popularized by Victoria Beckham some years ago and, since then, the look has continued to evolve and become a frequently requested style in salons. It’s defined by a short length in the back and longer lengths towards the front corners. This look is rather striking and draws attention to the jawline and bone structure╌it’s best to feel great in your features if you’re going to rock it.

Paul -mitchell -short -haircuts -triangular -cut -model -blog -post -552x 742


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