Hairstyle Dictionary: The Skinny on Hair Parts

Next up in our Hairstyle Dictionary: parts. How and where you part your hair can determine your overall look and, best of all, can be changed without any major commitment! Here’s a simple guide to popular hair parts, why they might work for you and how to style them.


2-Blog _Parts _Side

Most everyone’s hair falls to one side or the other naturally, and a gentle side part complements nearly every face shape, so this part is a safe go-to for anyone. To create the look, simply guide your hair in the direction it naturally falls and use a rat tail comb to create a clean part. Easy!

Great for: Everyone. Seriously.


3-Blog _Parts _Deep Part

By now, you know how we feel about the deep side part trend. This look can be both glamorous and casual, chic and subtle. According to the Paul Mitchell pros, this look is especially for women with skinny strands as it gives the illusion of fuller hair. To achieve it, simply use a rat tail comb to create the part on your preferred side and style as normal.

Great for: Round faces, heart shape faces.


5-Blog _Parts _Flip

A seriously voluminous take on a deep side part, the hair flip is a sure way to be confused for a model off-duty. This look is easily achieved by women with plenty of hair to toss around, but can also be created by women with skinny strands with a bit of prep. To begin, prep your hair by applying a volumizing foam like Extra-Body Sculpting Foam® to your roots and blowdry with a round brush to create volume. Final step: Flip your hair the opposite way of your normal part. Voila! You’re Kelly Kapowski!

Great for: Oval faces.


1-Blog _Parts _Middle

The middle part can be worn sleek or with a lived-in, bohemian vibe and how you wear it will dictate how the part works well on your face. If you love your face shape and features (go, you!), go bold and try the sleek look. Simply part your hair down the middle of your hair and blow-dry your hair smooth. Use a smoothing iron to create a sleek finish and then tuck the hair behind your ears. Pin in place if needed and finish with a generous dose of Awapuhi Wild Ginger® Shine Spray™.

If you want to ease into the middle part or wear it in a bit softer way, try a lived-in look accented with loose waves and volume at the roots. To emphasize your cheekbones, create a wave pattern that frames your beautiful bone structureâ•Œyour cheekbones should be perfectly framed by symmetric waves on both sides. Or, if you want to downplay your cheeks, use a larger barrel to create waves that curve in at your cheeks and out at your jawline.

Great for: Oval faces.


4-Blog _Parts _Diagonal

The diagonal part is a great option when you want to give a polished style a bit of excitementâ•Œa chic chignon is instantly elevated with this simple detail! To create the look, simply create your part by separating hair starting above the outer edge of one eyebrow and ending at the crown of your head on the opposite side. This simple part is particularly stylish and slimming for those with round faces.

Great for: Round faces.

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Taylor deDiego is Paul Mitchell's Web Content Writer and resident style hunter. She spends her days writing copy, keeping tabs on our social channels and testing new DIY hairstyles in our in-house salon.

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