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Holiday Looks the Ladies Will Love

Holiday Looks the Ladies Will Love

Dec 8th 2015

Whether you’re the kind of guy that sticks to a general uniform or is willing to take style risks, the holidays are certainly a time to look your best. Whether you’re testing out that new joke you heard at the company party or trying to impress grandma with the cleanliness of your bachelor pad, it’s important to look and feel your best. Take some tips from these MITCH® men and step up your style game from head to toe this holiday season.

Fetching Fellow  

If your style self-description includes words like clean cut or modern, give this contemporary hairstyle a go this holiday season.

Rexusa _2141642d

Image via Wayne Tippetts/REX Shutterstock

To achieve a textured look that you can wear every day:

  • Start by washing your hair with Heavy Hitter®.
  • Next, emulsify a thumbnail size of Matterial™ into your palms and apply to dry hair, working from the crown of your head to your front hairline. This will ensure the product is evenly distributed.
  • Use your fingers to comb through your hair and achieve your desired texture.
  • Lastly, stash Hardwired® in your briefcase for pre-happy hour or holiday party style adjustments.

Dapper Gent  

If your closet includes items like cropped chinos, printed socks and a collection of pretty killer bow ties, this hair look is right for you.

Rexusa _2750098dt

Image via REX Shutterstock

To achieve a modern yet detailed pompadour:

  • Start by washing your hair with Heavy Hitter®.
  • Next, emulsify Construction Paste® into your palms and apply the product to your damp hair. Blow dry up and back to achieve your desired height.  
  • Finish look by applying Clean Cut® from your front hairline to the back of your head to lock in style.
  • Finally, use your fingers to create a more lived-in look or use a wide tooth comb to create a more structured style.

Handsome Hero  

This vintage-inspired, classic style is for you if your closet is primarily filled with suits and brogues. You might even have a pocket square or two.

Rexusa _2735734ar

Image via  Silvia Olsen/REX Shutterstock

To achieve a timeless side part:

  • Start with Double Hitter®╌a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner that conditions while it cleanses.
  • Next, apply a nickel-sized amount of Steady Grip® to wet hair.
  • Using a comb, set your part and comb your hair into place. Allow your hair to air dry.
  • Next, mix a small amount of Reformer® and Construction Paste® in your hands and apply to your hair with your fingers. Work in the direction of the part you’ve set.
  • If desired, comb through with a wide-tooth comb to give the look structure.

Refined Chap  

And lastly, if your wardrobe M.O. is jeans, tees and a killer jacket or shoes, try this style.

Rexusa _2710272h

Image via  Can Nguyen/REX Shutterstock

To achieve a casual, lived-in style:

  • Start with Double Hitter®╌a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner that conditions while it cleanses.
  • Option #1: For a dry, no shine look, apply a small amount of Steady Grip® throughout damp hair and allow to air dry. Work with your cut and texture to find the right look╌there’s no methodology here. Use your intuition guys.
  • Once hair is dry, comb through with your fingers to break up product and achieve the lived-in look.
  • Option #2: For a high-shine look, apply a small amount of Barber’s Classic® to damp or dry hair. Allow your natural texture to determine the style.

A first impression goes a long way. Upgrade your sneaks to something fresh this season, always give a firm handshake and don’t forget to top off your holiday look with a fresh hairstyle. Here’s to finishing off the year in style!