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How-To: A Wavy, Braided Fall Style

How-To: A Wavy, Braided Fall Style

Posted by Rachael Plotts on Sep 28th 2014

I’ve heard from thousands of women who struggle to embrace their curls or waves. But fret not, curl-friends! There are products and tools that will help you tackle and tame your texture with ease.  

National Trainer Tracy Ftacek recently gave us this tutorial for achieving a wavy, braided style with Ultimate Wave® (our Pick of the Month for October!). This product is a cream-gel that helps to form and separate waves, while adding mega texture.

Braided Style2

Here's how to get the look:

  • Begin with damp hair. Dispense a quarter size amount of Ultimate Wave into the palm of your hand. Rub your hands together until the product is clear and evenly distributed across both hands.  
  • Starting at the ends, firmly squeeze Ultimate Wave into your hair using your hands and thoroughly distribute throughout hair.
  • Gently blow-dry the product into your hair with a diffuser until your hair is 90% dry and your waves are defined and tousled.
  • Part hair to one side. Start a small French braid toward your face. As you add to the French braid, take hair from underneath/along the hairline to frame your face. Once the braid reaches your ear, use a pin or band to secure in place.

And voila! Waves and texture in 4 simple steps.    

Rachael Plotts is the Education Brand Manager for Paul Mitchell. She works closely with our Educators and Artists to coordinate outstanding educational materials and opportunities. Fun fact: Rachael is a proud vegan and aspiring bass player.  

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